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April 26, 2019

Burnout - Not just a physician issue. How technology can alleviate staff burnout

Burnout, burnout, burnout!Physician Burnout

Everyone is talking about burnout in the physician and healthcare community? But is it just another buzzword that comes up in online and print articles every other week? Or every other day?! 

Well, the truth is that "burnout" comes up a lot because it IS a serious and pervasive issue affecting a lot of healthcare professionals (and not just physicians!) 

If you're not feeling overwhelmed by your profession right now, and you've got a moment to spare, check out this article on 3 ways you can do something about burnout (or even if you're feeling overworked and over-tired.)

It's on Becker's Health IT & CIO Report

Here's one of the ways that we believe probably happens to every type of business out there, but especially to physicians and their staffs: 

2. Eliminate Phone Tag with Secure Text Messaging; Reduce No-Shows and Manual Labor with Automated Messaging

Research shows, on average, it takes three phone calls to connect with a patient to tell them their lab result is normal. It’s not information that can be left on a voice mail. Practice staff must call the patient, leave a message, wait for a call back, be on the phone when that happens, call the patient again to deliver the result and the process repeats. No one likes phone tag – it’s costly and inefficient.

Sound familiar? Call, leave a message, try to call back, finally get a voicemail from the patient, call back again... over and over.

Multiply that by 25 patients for the day. Then repeat every day with another 25 patients. 

Check out the article and see if the right technology might provide an answer for your practice. 



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