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November 18, 2020

Skilled Nursing Home Uses Updox to Manage Referrals

"Updox has definitely been valuable to our organization and made us more efficient. We’re excited to see how it continues to benefit us in the future"

Beadles Nursing Home is Oklahoma’s oldest skilled nursing home and serves 49 residents from their location in Alva, Okla. When referrals arrive to their office, they can be several hundred pages long. That tied up their fax machine and cost them money for each paper that came out.LTPAC

“We were looking for a better way to manage all that paper when I got an email from Updox,” says Blake Jordan, assistant administrator for Beadles. “I did some research, saw a demo and decided to try it out.”

Implementation went smoothly for the organization and their 100 employees. They used on-demand videos from Updox to self-train. “It worked well for us as we could take our time and view the videos when it was convenient for us. Overall, the system was easy to learn,” says Blake.

Going as paperless as possible was important for the center. “Some of our referrals are several hundred pages long. That adds up to a lot of cost and time to manage all that paper. Updox makes it much easier for us.”

Prior to Updox, Beadles relied solely on a paper fax system. “Updox adds a convenience we didn’t have before. Now, multiple people can see the documents as they are in the inbox and respond faster. Otherwise, they would be part of a stack of papers being passed around.”

Updox has also lent itself to improved efficiency during the pandemic. “We send a lot of COVID tests to the lab,” says Blake. “As results are returned, we can easily search for the positive or negative test result and react immediately to follow policies and procedures as necessary.”

Blake says staff also appreciate the ability to access faxes from any location, even from a smartphone, and use online editing tools to break large faxes apart, sign them electronically or add date stamps or other information. “Being able to send to multiple users at once is a great time saver for us as well,” he says.

“Updox has definitely been valuable to our organization and made us more efficient. We’re excited to see how it continues to benefit us in the future,” says Blake.

His recommendation to other long-term care providers who might be interested in Updox? “Definitely try it out. Even if you just consider your cost for each referral received – the paper and time – Updox offers a much more efficient, streamlined service.”

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