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June 11, 2018

Make Your Pharmacy Stand out in Today's Tech Savvy World

In today’s rapidly-changing economy, big chain pharmacies have a lot of brand visibility, yet they are only half of the nation’s pharmacies. Patients are choosing pharmacies based on service, convenience and cost, and they are rapidly consuming healthcare through technology. How does your pharmacy stand out from the crowd? Are you using mobile-friendly technology, social media and websites, promotional offerings and, most importantly, word of mouth to your advantage? 

While at first, it may seem daunting to fully transform your pharmacy into a technologically-savvy business, it can fuel your pharmacy’s growth. Such a move will not only grow your business, but it will also ensure that you are providing important health information and personalized care to your patients. Does this all still seem overwhelming? Fear not; below are a few great tips to get your pharmacy on the fast track of the pharmacy industry.

Are you using the right search criteria?

Good help may be hard to find, but it starts with knowing where to look. For your pharmacy to thrive, you need cutting-edge software solutions that provide electronic faxing, document management, easy to use online patient forms and patient payment solutions. You want a technological solution that is facile, efficient and at the forefront of software development. You also want a partner with a strong reputation that is proven to enable your business to move forward. When looking for your newest technology or software partner, it’s crucial to make sure they meet all of these criteria. 

Is it a right fit for your pharmacy?

While you may find a few collaborators that can get the basics done, it is important to make sure whoever you partner with is the right fit because your pharmacy is a business, after all. Does the technology align with your workflows? Is it a fit for your patient demographics and easily adopted by your patients? Are there free trainings and customer success or support teams that are readily available and friendly? Does it meet the appropriate certifications to keep your patient’s information HIPAA compliant? Whoever you partner should be able to grow, improve and help facilitate your pharmacy’s growth.

Is it making a difference and making your life easier?

Technology should make your business more efficient, but it should also simplify your life as a business owner and make a positive impact on the health of your patients. For example, is your technology solution able to support the Appointment Based Model (ABM) to ensure patient medication adherence? Is there easy coordination of medication therapy management (MTM) across transitions of care? Is there easy communication with physician offices, clinics and hospitals to ensure that no patient falls through the gaps? Taking the extra time to find the right solutions for your business is the best way to find the technology that is the right fit.

Does it reflect your patient population?

Technology is changing the world, but at different speeds for different industries. While teenagers and young adults may be happy to follow your Twitter feed, it’s often assumed that older generations only want traditional forms of communication like telephone calls, newspapers and snail mail. However, many older Americans are embracing technology! Seniors are willing to use technology like text alerts and medication synchronization programs to support their health goals, and your pharmacy is perfectly poised to help them improve their health. 

Put technology to work for you!

Good, old-fashioned word-of-mouth advertising will always be invaluable, but technology is here to stay. Choosing technology that streamlines clinical services, prescription management and prescriber communication will lead to happier, healthier patients who will become even more loyal to your pharmacy. Build your technologically-savvy pharmacy, sit back and enjoy the glowing Facebook reviews.

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