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May 11, 2017

Staying (Successfully) Independent with HIPAA Compliant Online Fax

“I couldn’t run my practice without Updox!”

Thomas Miller, MD, is a solo practitioner in Arlington, Texas, and employs two assistants who help him run the office. They have used an electronic health record since 2003 and added Updox solutions in 2010. The practice uses Updox for their electronic faxing and document management needs and also the Updox patient portal solution.

“With Updox paperless faxing, I can send and receive faxes, edit faxes and documents and then import to our EHR. The fact that it is integrated is great. I don’t need to enter patients’ names or additional search data. My patient base is right there and I can file to the chart in just a few clicks.”

As single provider, maximizing time is key for Dr. Miller’s business. “For me, the biggest benefit of Updox is the time I’m saving. I’m not spending my day managing faxes or dictating replies. I can act on items and hit send. I can even review faxes or respond to messages through the mobile function on my phone. It lets me focus more on my patients.”

Powerful Patient Engagement

Dr. Miller’s practice has several thousand patients using their patient portals. “Because the portal is so intuitive, people use it very easily. They really appreciate that they can see copies of their labs and I can attach notes or comments. They can look at them, review results and study them as needed. It’s a great way to engage patients as partners in their care.” 

Of course, there are a few patients who are resistant to the portal but the majority of Dr. Miller’s patients appreciate the convenience portal offers. “If you take the time to explain to patients the value of the portal and the benefits it offers, once they realize that it lets them initiate contact with the practice when they want to, they understand it saves them a great deal of time and frustration.”

As an independent physician with a solo practice, Dr. Miller knows he’s part of a unique group that is facing challenges. “I definitely believe that Updox helps me stay in business. It’s important to me to operate my practice on my terms. Updox lets me maximize my time and focus on taking care of my patients.”

“I’ve tried other document management systems and Updox is the best solution around. It’s streamlined, intuitive and easy to implement. Beyond just faxing, when you consider Updox also as a single solution for secure email and patient portal, it adds considerable value to my practice and it’s all done through one system. I couldn’t run my practice without Updox.”

What does he say to those who aren’t yet using integrated faxing with Updox? “If you aren’t Updoxing, I would encourage you to try it. You can’t go wrong. It’s easy to implement with little to no risk. If you don’t think you’ll see an immediate return – just try it and see how much time and money it saves you.”

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