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September 28, 2018

Team Updox Helps Providers Be the Quarterback of Effective Patient Care

Healthcare providers are tasked with juggling several complex tasks on a daily basis. In conjunction with staying on top of frequently changing regulations, managing new technologies and delivering quality patient care, providers also have to ensure they are communicating efficiently with one another, while also remaining HIPAA compliant.

It’s no secret that healthcare customers today have various providers, from pharmacists to dentists to primary care physicians. As such, providers need tools that enable them to communicate securely and efficiently, not only to engage with their patients, but also with other healthcare organizations to share critical patient information between practices. Without this two-way interaction, both the quality of care and the patient experience can suffer.

In order to achieve effective provider-to-provider communication, providers must simplify the process. With Updox, this is easier than ever.

Our team has designed a universal inbox that securely connects and enhances all provider relationships and communications, including messages, faxes, form submissions, images, referrals and test results. In the Inbox, which serves as a central collab hub, providers can easily manage, edit and sign documents electronically, assign tasks, send faxes and patient appointment reminders and much more.

The simplicity and security of the Updox Inbox make it the ideal choice for provider-to-provider communications. The Updox Inbox eliminates the need for costly fax lines, toner cartridges, paper and maintenance. Even better, documents can be shared via Direct secure email within Updox’s web-based communication hub. No longer do practices or pharmacies need to waste time with busy signals, jammed machines and voicemails.

Updox is unique in that we provide multiple time-saving and secure features in one integrated, user-friendly platform compatible with many top EHRs. Featuring built-in integrations with vendors like Greenway, Amazing Charts, Allscripts, Practice Fusion  and more, Updox can be used to attach and file updates directly to patient charts. Other healthcare professionals outside the practice can easily access patient files directly for referral purposes so, if they do need to get in touch, they are working with the most updated information.

So, how do you know if your practice could benefit from the Updox suite of communications tools?

Start by asking yourself the following questions: How many different programs, platforms and single-point solutions is our practice currently using? How many hours is our staff currently spending on sending faxes, paper mail and voice messages? How many patients are missing their appointments?



With Team Updox, you’re the playmaker calling the shots. If you believe your practice or pharmacy could save time and resources by streamlining your office communications, schedule a demo today. We’d love to show you how Updox can make communications easier for you and your staff.

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