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March 14, 2018

Using Appointment Reminders Software to Communicate Quicker

Phil Boucher, MD, is part of Lincoln Pediatric Group in Lincoln, Neb. The thriving practice has 12 physicians and five physician assistants. They discovered Updox when a partnership between their EHR and Updox was announced. The practice tried Updox on an email offer and hasn’t looked back.

“Our Updox implementation for patient appointment reminders and Blast on-demand messaging was impressively easy,” says Dr. Boucher. “I was shocked when it only took a few hours to transition from our previous reminders service provider to be up and running with Updox. It was so easy to set up and automate and runs seamlessly in the background.”

But, ease of implementation and use weren’t the only benefits of the Updox appointment reminder solution for Dr. Boucher and his colleagues.

“If you really want to connect and engage with your patients - you have to reach them where they live - which is on their phone. That’s the biggest benefit Updox offers. It lets us get in front of our patients without being annoying. We can share information via a simple text which is quickly becoming the easiest, fastest and most preferred way so many of us communicate.”

“With Updox, we can get messages to more patients in advance of their appointment. We can communicate faster and quicker in a way that is helpful to patients, not an intrusion or interruption.”

As an example, the practice recently used Blast to send out notifications about scheduling physicals before school starts. They’ve used the solution to encourage patients to get in for pre-kindergarten physicals. They also report using Blast to target sending information to certain patient groups, such as those with asthma, to share information and encourage adherence.

“The immediacy of text is a great feature. We can let patients know about appointment options, availability of flu vaccines or new services. We’re able to get that information in front of them with a degree of certainty that they received it. You can’t get that from voice mail or email.”

 “I’ve been very impressed with how Updox supports patient engagement and allowing practices to build valuable relationships with their patients. It’s been great for our practice and those we serve.”

Topics: Success Stories, Physicians, engagement